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3 Things for Throwback Thursday: Snow Hill View, Nursing Home Coverage, Cannoli Wars!

Three Things to Know for Thursday, September 15th!

1. Instagram showing off this viewpoint of Downtown from Snow Hill Street:

2. Additional coverage of the North End Nursing Home hearing at Boston City Hall

N. End residents speak out against proposed nursing home sale  –  Advocates for the North End nursing home, which opened in the early 1980s, said vulnerable seniors and their families have come to depend on its services, which have helped many lifetime residents remain in their community.” – The Boston Globe. 

North Enders vow to keep care center – “Angry North End residents demanded that a neighborhood nursing home stay open even after Spaulding Rehabilitation Network moves its operation to Brighton, saying city law requires the building to be used for long-term care.” – The Boston Herald.

(Video Coverage) Emotions show at City Hall meeting over Boston nursing home’s future – “Impassioned residents filled Boston City Hall Tuesday night and listened as Spaulding’s president talk about accommodating patients in a more modern space in Brighton that will save millions in overhead costs.” –  WCVB Boston.

Click here for all our running coverage of the North End Nursing Home on

Cannoli Wars – Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry

Profiling the “best North End cannoli” between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry,  view the video to see what takes the cake in this competition.

3. Community Calendar event and Throwback Thursday:

6:00pm tonight  – Valerie Giglio – Singing in My Own Key.  Valerie L. Giglio is a Boston area singer, recording artist, and lawyer. Her musical styling is a mixture of pop, soul, and retro jazz and she has released two CD’s since 2009. After suffering a devastating stroke in 2014 at the age of forty-two, she wrote and published the memoir “Singing In My Own Key: A Vocalist’s Triumph Over Stroke” –  [Located at I AM Books, 189 North St, Boston].

Thursday’s Throwback: On this day in 2013, was reporting on neighborhood visits from Donnie Wahlberg, Piero Barone & Alex Rodriguezas Saint Anthony was celebrated with the Blessed Relic from Montefalcione, while some North Enders took a Parking Sign Quiz.

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17 Replies to “3 Things for Throwback Thursday: Snow Hill View, Nursing Home Coverage, Cannoli Wars!

    1. Robyn that is your opinion. While I prefer Modern over Mike’s , they are not the only game in the neighborhood. Personally, I prefer Maria’s over Modern. But that is just MY opinion after decades of comparison tasting.

    1. That’s not true. Mikes fills their regular cannolis to order. Only the special ones are pre-filled. I prefer Mikes and they are very generous to the neighborhood groups.

      1. Laura, that’s your opinion & that’s fine.Every time I have purchased cannoli’s from Mikes regardless of the filling their pre filled & sitting in the display showcase.

  1. Mikes sells theirs to fast to not be fresh, and they’re the ONLY place in the North End that MAKE the cannoli shells , all the others used factory made . You can clearly tell the difference.

  2. Both Modern and Mike’s are too expensive. Got robbed by both too many times….I do agree, MIke’s is very generous to the North End. Modern doesn’t give ice water in the Winter.

    1. so what is the right price for a cannoli? also, most north end restaurants are too expensive, especially the ones that receive frozen pasta deliveries in the morning…

  3. I also prefer Modern over Mike’s, but Mike’s has the best Pistachio Macaroons & Lobster Tails.

    Let us never forget who put Mike’s on the Map Dora, Mike Jr., Diane, Phyllis, Ralphie & Rosie, Mike’s First Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They don’t, I was responding to Truth’s comment about the rip off overpriced restaurants in the North End.Granted Umberto’s isn’t a restaurant but how can you beat $1.70 for a slice of Sicilian pizza, $4.25 for a calzone & 75 cents for a glass of wine. The cafe’s on Hanover & the restaurants in the area charge between 9-13 bucks for a glass of house wine that you can buy by the gallon for 12 bucks in Martignetti’s.

    1. Michael it is called Greed, and that is why people are bringing their nips into the restaurants. They order the first drink & then
      turn to their nips, and rightfully so at those prices.

  5. There was a place called Biscottis that used to be next to Salem St Hardware. I liked theirs the best.

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