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North End Water & Sewer Project to Begin Multiyear Phase 2

The North End Sewer and Water Project is entering Phase 2 in the Fall 2016, moving off the main drag on Hanover Street to the more residential parts of the North End. This is the second of three planned project phases in the neighborhood intended to improve water distribution and upgrade failing sewer and drainage systems. Because many sewer lines on side streets need to be completely replaced instead of just relined, Phase 2 will be more intrusive according to Boston Water & Sewer Commission.

Bids were received in August totaling approximately $7 million. Work will commence around the end of September 2016, extending into the winter months as long as the weather cooperates, before restarting in the Spring. Phase 2 of the sewer project is expected to last until November 2018 (yes, 2+ years!).

Impacted streets for Phase 2 include Snow Hill Street, Hull Street, Sheafe Street, Tileston Street, Hanover Avenue, Richmond Street, North Street, Sun Court Street, North Square, Jerusalem Place and Baldwin Place.

North Square is a focus of Phase 2 in preparation for the upcoming reconstruction of the square by Public Works. Sewer pipes in the area are completely failing so a total reconstruction will be performed. Adjoining North Street will also be upgraded, although some of the span can be relined without a complete replacement.

Irene McSweeney, Director of Construction for Boston Water & Sewer Commission (BWSC), presented on August 11th at the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting to explain the second phase of the project. Details and impacted streets are shown below in the handout.

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  1. Don’t even think of driving or parking on NE streets this fall with both the BWSC and Cycletrack construction closing down half of the neighborhood streets. Is there anyone in charge at City Hall who can’t see what an incredibly bad idea it is for the people who live here to have these projects overlap?

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