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Mark Cuban’s (?) Mega-Yacht “Fountainhead” Drops Anchor in Boston

The 288-foot mega-yacht, Fountainhead, docked at Boston Yacht Haven (Photo by Monika Skole Fuchs)

The 288-foot mega-yacht, Fountainhead, arrived in town on Friday, July 8th, docking at Boston Yacht Haven on the North End waterfront.  Yes, it does have a basketball hoop with a glass backboard mounted over the large rear deck. It’s owner is Mark Cuban, according to several media sources (Ed: but maybe not … see below).

The photo above is shared by Monika Skole Fuchs, who immediately thought of the Ayn Rand novel when she saw the name, Fountainhead. It’s registered in GeorgeTown, Cayman Islands (surprise, surprise.) It is the largest yacht I’ve seen at Yacht Haven.

We were not invited aboard so we don’t know if who is here in Boston with the ship. Weighing in at 2463 gross tons, Fountainhead sleeps 14, (no idea how large a crew) and was built in the Netherlands in 2011. No idea what they do with all that windowed space.

Mark Cuban is the Texas billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team and one of the investor sharks on the hit ABC TV show, Shark Tank. Forbes puts his net worth at $3 billion with most of his fortune coming from the sale of startups MicroSolutions and in the 1990’s.

Ed: Here’s the kicker, Fountainhead might NOT be Mark Cuban’s yacht. The Page Six website quotes the billionaire as saying ship is actually owned by Sears CEO Eddie Lampert. “The guy who owns the boat tells everyone that it’s mine,” Cuban told Page Six. “It’s so crazy . . . I don’t even own a boat.”

This post was updated to include the Page Six quote.

18 Replies to “Mark Cuban’s (?) Mega-Yacht “Fountainhead” Drops Anchor in Boston

  1. Mark Cuban does not own a yacht. This is a false rumor. If you google it you will see quotes from Cuban about this.

      1. Heather, jealous? Come on there are people sleeping on the streets & starving.Sure I would like a boat But how can anyone justify or defend someone owning this monstrosity?

    1. Funny this comes up now. I saw a quote last night that said “evil is bad that thinks it’s good” & Ayn Rand popped into my head immediately!

    2. He is not the first and he is not the only. Many people assume that amassing great personal wealth is an indication of no social consciousness. Not a fact when you view the Gates Foundation and he doesn’t live in a modest home either. The presumption that money alone can cure all societies ills, has no basis. I knew a man who inherited a small fortune, but froze to death on a sidewalk near Fanuel Hall.

      I have never met Mark Cuban and I will guess neither have you. Who are we to judge him based on massive yacht? That’s like passing judgement on people based purely on the vehicle that they drive. Ever heard, you are what you drive? Do you believe it?

  2. My wife and I took the ferry from Hingham to Long Whalf last night on the 5 o’clock ferry and captain slammed his boat twice last night.

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