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Higher Sea Levels and Extreme Weather Predicted by Boston Climate Report

A sobering new report predicts continued increases in Boston’s sea levels, extreme precipitation and higher temperatures. Climate Ready Boston is an initiative led by the City of Boston in partnership with the Green Ribbon Commission to develop resilient solutions to prepare our city for climate change. The group released worrying climate projections for what Boston is likely to experience over the coming years.

Key points from the report:

1. Boston Harbor, she is a’rising. By 2030, 6 to 9 inches of sea level rise is projected with 8-18 inches by 2050 and between 2.5 and 7.4 feet by 2100.

2. Heavy storms are becoming more extreme. Predicting weather is an inexact science, but the report highlighted a 70% increase in the amount of precipitation during Boston’s heavy storms as measured from 1958-2010.

3. Summers in Boston will be hot, very hot. Average summer temperatures are expected to be 84 degrees by 2100, up from an average 69 degrees from 1981-2010. By 2070, the vast majority of summer days will be over 90 degrees.

The complete report can be viewed at Climate Ready Boston.