The Weekender: Elderly Center Closing, Save Hanover Street, Bridge Competition, Pool Registration!

Articles this week covered development in all sorts of ways, from the North End Nursing Home & Rehab Center, to Hanover Street, the Garden Garage, and the Northern Avenue Bridge!

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

The North End Nursing Home & Rehab Center, set to close within about a year. Photo by Matt Conti.
The North End Nursing Home & Rehab Center, set to close within about a year. Photo by Matt Conti.

North End Nursing Home & Rehab Center to Close Leaving Elderly and Families in Lurch

Within the next year, Partners Healthcare is planning to close the 140-bed North End Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center located at 70 Fulton Street. Many families are outraged as they look for alternate options and help from local officials. Read the post.

Letter to Mayor from West End Resident After Garden Garage Zoning Commission Approval

Writing to Mayor Marty Walsh, this West End resident explains the efforts put forth by neighborhood residents to have meaningful input into responsible and needed development. Specifically speaking to Equity Garden Garage, and the developer’s lack of appetite to negotiate some reasonable compromise with the community. Read the letter for more on the concerns and some of her two cents on neighborhood engagement.

Hanover Street photo by Matt Contt.
Speculation of closing Hanover Street to vechicle traffic rises again.

Commentary: Save Hanover Street

This open letter takes a stand for all of the issues that could use attention within Hanover Street, such as the trash, traffic overflow with cars doubled parked, traffic signal issues and cross walks that need to be repainted. Rather than closing down Hanover Street, lifelong resident Marie Simboli would rather see these issues addressed, read the article for more on the needs of Hanover Street.

View the Winning Designs for the Northern Avenue Bridge Competition

After 133 submissions, comprising 99 graphic designs and 34 essays, the results are in for the competition to design then next Northern Avenue Bridge. The Boston Northern Avenue Bridge Ideas Competition was launched in March to seek innovative designs that looked at improving mobility, honoring history, and creating destination. Read the post for additional competition details and the winning renderings.

Mirabella Pool Opens June 18th; Registration Available

It is a turning point in the North End summer, when Mirabella Pool opens for the season on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Pre-registration is open at the Nazzaro Center, with a reduced the adult rate to $10. That promotion lasts through Friday June 17th, more on the pool opening!

Harbor Towers Laptops by Nate Swain, photo by Matt Conti.
Harbor Towers Laptops by Nate Swain, photo by Matt Conti.

Editor’s Extra:

Harbor Towers Artwork Mystery Solved! They’re Laptops

The huge stainless steel panel art sculpture outside of Harbor Towers has finally been identified! Contrary to many possible design conclusions, local artist Nate Swain added a twist to the design with some uncommissioned touches to the sculpture by adding ‘decals’ of the Apple and Microsoft brands, view the post for more on the solved mystery.