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Trash Complaint: Party Cigarette Butts in Alleys

Alley behind Lombard Place

The new 20-something roofdeck party fun is apparently tossing cigarette butts into the street/alley below. A couple weeks ago, it was throwing beer bottles and even a thick Alibi bourbon bottle, which didn’t break but which landed with the most disturbing high-pitched thud.

I spent quite a while Friday picking up dozens of cigarette butts out of Lombard Place only to awaken to dozens more bright white cigarette butts littering the asphalt.

Photo by Tommye Mayer.

16 Replies to “Trash Complaint: Party Cigarette Butts in Alleys

  1. 22 Battery st roof deck party. Friday night at 1 A.M. the occupants of this unit threw a chair from there roof to mine and debris from the chair landed in the courtyard that could of seriously injured a person walking.
    Police called and a report was made for vandalism.

  2. I know that it doesn’t really help to just complain here, but also look at the Police Blotter article from this past Friday. When does this end? It has been steadily getting worse and worse in the 9 years that I have been here. I can’t even fathom the horror of real long-term residents that knew this as a true family neighborhood. I have finally reached my limit and decided to move, though it saddens me greatly personally and I truly feel for those who care that remain here. Sad times……

  3. Hold the money grabbing landlords accountable. Better screening of tenants and foreclosing on the lease of troubling tenants is a start.

    1. I agree. Most, if not all, the parties are in the buildings or on the roofs of absentee landlords. Start holding the landlords accountable for their tenants actions and you see how fast the partying stops.

    2. Sadly Roger Ruggiero, most of these “rentals” have one-unit condo owner “landlords” who live far away. The whole condo-conversion process was poorly thought-out in the North End and owning a condominium unit has become a Capitalist investment, And Capitalism has become bastardized to mean
      as-much-money-as-I-can-wring-out-to-Hell-with-anyone-else. This neighborhood should have been tenement-to-Co-op converted.

      The boards of Co-ops have much greater control over unit tenancy than do condominium boards. For instance, Investors can’t buy into a Co-op but they can & do buy into condominiums.

  4. This goes back to other comments I made about the need to keep families in the neighborhood! In my opinion, more families = less problems.

    Unfortunately, the ‘charm’ of the North End is lost and all too often landlords only care about making money as most of them do not live in their buildings.

  5. i do not like anyone tossing cigarette butts into the street, but if you think it is such a big deal then perhaps should should focus on hanover and salem streets, where the problem is the worst. you making this a huge issue because 20-somethings are doing it is ridiculous. as for markb, the north end is not declining to be a third world country on the brink of chaos. the neighborhood certainly has its issues like any other urban neighborhood, but it is still overall a very good one. also, if you do not think of the “real long-term residents” contribute to any of the problems, then you are sorely mistaken. i can cite numerous articles on this website that involve “real long-term residents” being involved in drug dealing and armed robbery – crimes that are much worse than issues such as cigarette butts and noise on a weekend night.

    1. Truth, I agree with you, the North End has been turned into a giant ashtray thanks to the hordes of restaurant patrons who feel free to toss their used butts all over our sidewalks and streets. Hardly any of the Salem and Hanover Street establishments provide those large plastic receptacles that you see outside of office buildings where workers congregate for cigarette breaks. Even fewer North End restaurants and cafes bother to sweep their sdewalks on a daily basis. At least the City sends street sweepers twice a month to help put a dent in the litter problem.

    2. Truth, you are 100% correct, many so called long term-residents are involved in a lot of crimes that are much worse than tossing cig butts…and those crimes are taking place right out in the open for all to see and nothing is being said or done.

  6. Truth,
    although some of these issues may seem trivial to some, they are however important to those of us who take pride in our community.
    Long term residents are finding it difficult to digest the behavioral changes in our neighborhood.
    This is not a twenty-something vs. a sixty-something problem.
    It would not be fair to accuse all of our younger residents for some of the unruly behavior in the neighborhood, and it also would not be fair to paint all of life long residents with the same brush.
    Yes! some of the crime was of a more serious nature, but it was mostly hard working families who resided here.

    Housing in the North End today has become a revolving door, and most of those short term residents are not going to be here long enough to care about their neighbors or the community.
    This is the harsh reality that people who love living here, both young and old, have to face. That does not mean that they should not be passionate about issues or concerns they have in the neighborhood,
    I think you know that this is not about cigarette butts.

    I do not know if Heather read all of the post here, but I find it a little disturbing to write Great Response to intoxicated people throwing chairs and bottles off of roof decks.

    Let’s try to be responsible as residents, let’s be part of a resolution to problems in our community.
    More importantly! let’s hear what we say, and stop the bickering.

  7. Truth, I’ll give you the REAL truth. Neighborhoods like the NE ,Charlestown ,Southie and years ago E.Boston before it became Guatemala all had a code of silence.I cant write in Italian but I can hold my own speaking it & I remember the Italian words when translated mean “don’t say anything”. I witnessed a lot of things growing up here that to this day I wished I’d never saw.

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