Good Neighbor Award Presented to Paul Revere Memorial Association

Accepting the Good Neighbor Award from the Paul Revere Memorial Association, Billy Wong, Custodian and Nina Zannieri, Executive Director with NEWRA’s Recognition Chair Janet Gilardi and President Ford Cavallari

The Good Neighbor Recognition Award was recently presented to the Paul Revere Memorial Association in North Square. The award was presented to Executive Director Nina Zannieri and Custodian Billy Wong by NEWRA President Ford Cavallari and Recognition Committee Chair Janet Gilardi on behalf of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). The recipients shared the following reaction to the award.

We are so pleased to get this award.  As one of the oldest organizations in the community, the Paul Revere Memorial Association has owned and cared for the Paul Revere House since 1902. After the House opened as as museum in 1908, keeping the front neat and tidy became important and so today we continue to try our best.

Along with the enduring appeal of Paul Revere, it is a plus to be located in a busy and charming neighborhood full of wonderful places to have a meal, a slice, a treat or a fine cup of coffee.  Don’t forget North End residents get in free so plan to drop by.

The monthly award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and given to local businesses, organizations and property owners that contribute to making our neighborhood beautiful and consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash.

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2 Replies to “Good Neighbor Award Presented to Paul Revere Memorial Association

  1. You’ve done a great job with this Janet, and it’s helped the neighborhood a lot. Keep it up.

    Have you ever considered giving a bad neighbor award to those individuals who are particularly messy or thoughtless?
    I would probably be high on that list.

  2. Hi Nick, Thank You for the compliment, but, I’d rather stay on a positive note !! We went through years of complaining about careless neighbors, and that didn’t solve ANYTHING !! With very little enforcement or co-operation from the City, we just wasted precious time ! I feel that there are enough good neighbors that DO CARE about their surroundings, that justifies this Award.

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