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Peter Baldassari Receives Good Neighbor Award

Peter Baldassari was recently presented with the Good Neighbor Recognition Award for his efforts in keeping the North End neighborhood clean. The award was made on behalf of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) by President Mary McGee and Recognition Chair Janet Gilardi.

Peter sweeps Hanover Street and around the corner to Battery Street frequently. He also created and maintains the “All Saints Way” shrine. Gilardi asked Peter what has been instilled in him that he cleans and sweeps so thoroughly all the time. He chuckled and said, “Are you kidding me? My mother is the most particular and fussy person in the world!”

From when Peter was very young, Mary (who is 100 years young) was the perfect example of cleanliness, noted Gilardi. Every person who lived in their five-story apartment building would know which apartment belonged to Mary – her floors sparkled! Gilardi jokes that Peter is still a little afraid that if he doesn’t do a good job, his mother would have something to say.

The monthly Good Neighbor award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and presented to local businesses, organizations and property owners that contribute to making our neighborhood beautiful and consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash.

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