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North End Resident Crosses the Boston Marathon Finish Line

Eating homemade fusilli the night before the marathon loading up on carbs at the Cantina Italiana Restaurant with Fiores’s daughter Tricia Gentile.
Michael LoPriore receives Marathon Medal

Running in the Boston Marathon for the first time and finishing the international race that attracts thousands of participants is really something to brag about.

While winning is the lifelong ultimate goal, for North End resident Michael LoPriore (53 years old) it was a great start and a terrific accomplishment.

LoPriore’s overall time, start to finish was 5 hours-35 minutes. “Hope to beat that time next year,” he said.

North End Restaurants Cantina Italiana and Ristorante Fiore on Hanover Street sponsored LoPriore in the Marathon.

“It was exciting to be entered in the Boston Marathon,” LoPriore said. “But it was great to finish the race.”

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  1. Congratulation’s Michael Good Job! We are proud of you. God Bless! As you know Geno ran 12 Marathons every year gets easier ? from the Testa’s

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