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North End Church Vandalized With Red Paint

On Sunday night, the Boston Harbor Community Church on Salutation Street in Boston’s North End was defaced with red spray paint. The man shown in the photo was caught on a security camera painting the front doors.

Boston Police responded but indicated it was unlikely the vandal would be found. Dave Wenrich from BHCC shares the security image to warn others. If anyone recognizes the man in the photo or has more information, please contact Boston Police.

3 Replies to “North End Church Vandalized With Red Paint

  1. I also saw some red spray paint grafitti on a building on commercial street across from the ice rink/baseball field. The police should check for security cameras in that area too. I will get a building number today.

  2. That is terrible to deface a church and memorial. My cousin Richard Gordon’s name is one of the Marines that died in Beirut. Hope they get the evil person that did this.

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