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Lower Proposed Height at Parcel 9, Haymarket Hotel

Haymarket hotel and market hall rendering looking from the North End toward Blackstone Street (BRA Filing)
Haymarket hotel and market hall rendering looking from the North End over the Greenway toward Haymarket and Blackstone Street (BRA Filing)

In a significant change from the last round of Parcel 9 review, the latest filing of the “Haymarket Hotel” proposal by designated developer Normandy Partners/Harbinger shows a height reduction from 103 feet down to 65 feet at the tallest section. Also of note, the market hall section has been simplified to one standard story.

The lower height responds to specific scrutiny by the Mass. Historical Commission as well as some members of the Impact Advisory Group, notably North End resident, Victor Brogna.

The new proposal includes a 145,000 square foot hotel and retail pavilion on the Greenway Parcel 9, a vacant triangular parcel adjacent to Haymarket that came out of the Big Dig on property owned by the State’s Mass. Department of Transportation (MassDoT). No on-site parking is planned. The hotel will use valet service to area garages.

In its letter to the BRA, the developer’s attorney Melvin Shuman said:

We are very excited about proceeding with this project, which will revitalize a vacant parcel with hotel and retail uses. The project will provide an attractive and active connection between the heart of the North End, the Greenway and the Blackstone Block, while enlivening the burgeoning market district.

The hotel would be 6 stories with 225 rooms under a to-be-determined mid-priced flag. A restaurant may be included as well.

Haymarket Hotel has been described as the “third leg” of the emerging “Market District” centered around the longstanding Haymarket Pushcarts and Boston Public Market.

Historic Blackstone Street will be renovated as part of the project. At Haymarket, the pushcart vendors will have 50 defined area stalls, along with awnings, dedicated water and utilities.

According to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the proponent has submitted their Planned Development Area (PDA) Application triggering a 45 day BRA comment period and review. The new submission can be viewed via this link.

A community meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:30pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 North Bennett St in the North End. Immediately before that, an Impact Advisory Group meeting will be held on Monday, May 2nd at 6:30pm at the BRA Board Room in City Hall.

Developer Street View Rendering (BRA Filing)

5 Replies to “Lower Proposed Height at Parcel 9, Haymarket Hotel

  1. A new hotel and restaurant with zero parking…

    That would be acceptable if lots had lots of vacancies, but most are pretty full now and will be impossible to access once the hotel valets lease dedicated spaces.

    1. And where do you think the valets park? They park in garages and in resident and visitor spots.

  2. there would be a ‘war’ if valet parking used residents’ spaces. Fact: Valet services occur during evening and night hours.
    They would never find parking in our neighborhood…..we are all parked on our streets, after a long day. There is a system whereby the restaurant reserves spaces in garages and outdoor lots. The cost is covered by the charges of the valet service.

  3. This is a much better proposal I think most can agree on. Parking will always be an issue on any development in the downtown area. By your logic of parking nothing would get done anywhere….your complaining is exhausting. Valet service, parking garages, cabs, public transportation all within a stones throw. This revised project shows the community has a voice, and personally I think it’s a much better fit for the neighborhood for numerous reasons……

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