The Weekender: Lamb Chops, Lucia Transfer, News Roundup, Anybody in the Seaport?

That time of the week again! Catch up with the most popular posts, following what the readers are interested in. 

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

Neighborhood Photo by
Neighborhood Photo by Joe Vozzella.

Easter Lambs Arrive at Sulmona Meat Market

This neighborhood photo shows a North End tradition with the arrival of Easter lambs at the Sulmona Meat Market on Parmenter Street. View the post.

Obituary: “Prince the Cat” Sullivan of Boston’s North End

Prince Sullivan, the familiar black cat that could often be seen roaming the North End, passed away at the age of 6. Prince was the resident cat at Prince Postale on Prince Street, but could often be found roaming the streets, fire escapes, alleys, doorways and apartments of the North End. Read the obituary for the full scoop on the, “informal ambassador to the visitors on the Freedom Trail.”

Lucia Ristorante Receives Unanimous Support for License Transfer

Lucia Ristorante was opened by Filippo Frattaroli in 1977 before his brother Donato Frattaroli took the reins. With the recent application for a transfer, it looks like Filippo will once again take over as proprietor of the landmark restaurant on Hanover Street. View the post with full video coverage of their presentation at the NEWNC meeting.

The Boston Globe
The new MBTA station is officially open, read about the grand opening at, The Boston Globe.

Notable News: BRA Makeover, Venus Rendering, Hub Plaza, Parking Fines, Govt Center T Opens!

Some people enjoy Keeping up with the Kardashians, well we enjoy keeping up with the local news, and there is no better way than the weekly notable news post.  View the compilation of articles written about the neighborhood, gathered from dozens of news sources.

Downtown View: The Seaport. Is Anyone There?

Residential buildings are rising in the Seaport, restaurants are lining the harbor’s edge, the Harbor Walk is extended with every new development, but is there anybody there? With so much going on, how could there be so little activity? “Where are the ships that one would expect to see in a port?” Read the article.

PoliceEditor’s Extra:

Police Reports: Marijuana With Intent to Sell, Bakery Robbery at Knifepoint!

District A-1 police reported two major incidents over the past week, including an arrest on a Baldwin Place apartment building for breaking & entering and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. In addition, read about the two male suspects who were arrested for armed robbery after ripping a gold chain from the victim’s neck inside a Prince Street bakery, read the report.