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Easter Lambs Arrive at Sulmona Meat Market

Easter brings many things, including the lambs to the Sulmona Meat Market on Parmenter Street in Boston’s North End. Joe Vozzella shares these photos of their arrival with longtime owner Domenic Susi hard at work.


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10 Replies to “Easter Lambs Arrive at Sulmona Meat Market

  1. We celebrate Christ’s resurrection by the greedy feast of slaughtered lambs. A contradiction by all accounts.
    And, tell me, who enjoys looking at the two photos? No need for, nor wish for, such pictures. Horrendous.

    1. And living in a free country, as you have often made reference to in your comments, I may say what I wish, without hurting anyone’s feelings. There’s no ‘clicking on by’, when one is not prepared for what will explode before your eyes.

      1. Years ago they would be piled in the storefront windows of the three butchers on Salem St as well as Sulmona’s. Get over it. You are free to celebrate Easter in any tradition of your choosing but do not knock, mock or denigrate the tradition of the people who came here from Italy and raised their families here and whose children and grandchildren carry on those traditions.

        1. Poor creatures. They don’t deserve that fate. Think about people’s reactions if those were dogs.

          And my grandparents came here from Italy too.

  2. First of all, saying ‘get over it’ is very rude, especially in writing, to someone you do not know/ or do know. Second, my comment was, in no way, a mockery of any tradition. Did you read my comment? Did I mention ITALIAN people? Did I mention any ethnic group? By the way, the Italians are NOT the only ethnic group that celebrates Easter, so how is it you took my comment so personally?

    1. You certainly didnt mock talians, but did say it was a “greedy feast” ccan you not see how some of us would take slight offense to that description.

      But no bg deal. I will continue to enjoy my lamb and rabbit from Sulmona and you can enjoy whatever it is you choose to eat on Easter.

      1. greedy feast, I think, was meant for all meat eaters. having lived in europe for over 15 years I am used to seeing the open markets, with rabbit, lamb, etc. hung outside. friends warned me that italians have lots of pride. Boy you all take everything to heart, don’t you?

  3. We are so removed from where our food source really comes from, that this upsets us. We need to get back to basics.

  4. For all non-lamb eaters, what foods do you consider more appropriate for an Easter celebration?

    As far as I know, in many lands, it is customary to serve a succulent Lamb Roast.

    How delicious!

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