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Body of Zachary Marr Found in Charles River

Zachary Marr

The body of Zachary Marr was recovered from the Charles River on Tuesday night by State Police after being spotted by someone walking nearby.

Marr is the 22-year-old man who went missing on February 13th after leaving the Bell in Hand Bar on Union Street near Haymarket.

His body was found behind the locks at Leverett Circle near Paul Revere Park. Marr was visiting Boston from Harvard, Mass.

9 Replies to “Body of Zachary Marr Found in Charles River

  1. Another sad story with an even sadder ending!! What’s going on with all these young men’s bodies been found in the Habor?
    Rest in peace Zachary.
    Thoughts and prayers to the Marr Family.

  2. So sad for Zachary, and for this boys Family. Anyone that looses a child is devastating. We send our condolences and sorrow.

    These Bars need to be held accountable

    1. Why should the bars be held accountable? There’s is a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the family but I’m just baffled that what you got out of it was that the bars need to be held accountable….for what? What else should these bars be doing while patrolling the harbor?

  3. As members of the Marr family have stated, this was a terrible accident. Sincere condolences to the young man’s loved ones.

  4. I was praying that this would not be the outcome Why Would the door man not let him back into the bell and hand? Call a good lawyer…. They are responsible for their customers…. What a sin …

    1. That was a lie. He never tried to get back in the bar. Survaillance video proved this, and several news outlets reported it as well.

  5. The video clearly shows patrons entering & leaving the bar after the young man wandered off.I think the people who were with him bare more responsibility than the bar.

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