Neighborhood Updates at Residents Association Meeting [Video]

The following neighborhood reports were made at the February 11, 2016 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). Here is a summary and timeline for the above video so you can jump to topics of interest.

(00:00 in video) Welcome and introduction by NEWRA President Ford Cavallari

(02:50) Update on Urban Renewal letter writing campaign. See this link.

(07:50) Mayor’s Office report by Maria Lanza

  • Eversource work continues on Prince and Salem Streets (See this post.)
  • Eliot School Construction Meeting Notice for Feb. 25th (See this post.)

(11:25) Parks and Open Spaces Committee – Robyn Reed

  • Next Parks and Open Spaces meeting on March 1, 7 pm at the Mariner’s House.

(13:00) Public Safety report – David Marx
See this post for more information.

(17:45) Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee – Victor Brogna

  • Urban renewal followup
  • 57 Fleet Street – roof equipment (no objection)
  • 280-290 Commercial Street Parking Lot, next to 4 Winds (no objection)
  • 74-76 Commercial Street, Gannon roof change (no objection)
  • Upcoming at ZLC Meeting on February 23rd, 7pm, Mariner’s House
    • 290 North Street – La Cappella B&B, new owners request to change occupancy from B&B to four residential units (three to be sold as condos, one owner occupied)
    • 2 Snelling Place – Building addition

(23:45) Maria Puopolo – Update on State Senator Anthony Pettruccelli’s recent resignation

(25:25) Diana Hwang – Candidate for State Senate seat

Please note that NEWRA’s discussion of liquor licenses, RUFF update, new FEMA flood maps and Extenet wireless antennas will be posted separately.