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North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association Supports Lucca Restaurant Valet Parking Application and New North St. Sandwich Shop

The voting results from the May 8, 2012 membership meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association, NEWRA are shown below. This information is courtesy of NEWRA’s ZLC and executive officers.

Lucca Restaurant Valet Parking – 236 Hanover St.
Lucca has filed an application with the Boston Transportation Department for a valet parking permit. The restaurant is seeking valet use for two parking spaces in front of the restaurant from 5pm to midnight, 7 days/week. Lucca currently shares valet service with Ristorante Fiore, but this arrangement has caused confusion and inconvenience for customers who arrive and must often backtrack to the Fiore valet location.  Lucca’s valet contractor is City Valet, Inc., owned and managed by Vincent C. Ferrara. Cars are to be parked in the Parcel 7 Garage.

Vote: 12 in support, 6 oppose – NEWRA will write a letter to BTD supporting the application.


New Sandwich Shop at 188 North Street
(formal address is 139-143 Richmond Street)
David Veo has applied with the Boston Board of Appeal to allow take out service associated with his plans for a new sandwich shop on the first floor of 188 North St., along the Freedom Trail between Mare and Limoncello restaurants. The L-shaped building fronts both Richmond and North Streets. A portion of the ground floor at 188 North St. is zoned for commercial use but has not be used in many years. Mr. Veo plans to open a small sandwich shop with an inside counter and take-out window. He plans to set the front wall back several feet to create an area in front of the take-out window that is off the sidewalk. The existing door on the left side of the first floor space at 188 North St. will continue to provide apartment access.

Vote: 17 support, 1 oppose – NEWRA will write a letter to the Board of Appeal supporting the application.