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February 22nd NEWNC Agenda: Crudo Alcohol License, ZipCar Program, Parking Extension!

Note: This North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting will take place at the Pilot House, 2 Atlantic Avenue. This meeting was rescheduled to February 22nd due to a snow cancellation earlier in the month.


North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council
Website: www.NEWNCBoston.org
Email: info@newncboston.org

Monday, February 22, 2016, 7:00PM
Pilot House, 2 Atlantic Avenue

1.        Welcome:  NEWNC President

2.        Call to order & Roll Call:  NEWNC President

3.        Meeting Protocol:  NEWNC Vice President

4.        President’s Report:  NEWNC President

5.        Committee Reports:

a.  Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: Ryan Kenny

b.  Public Safety Committee: Sean Hennessy

c.  Greenway Committee:  John Pregmon

d.  Election Committee:  Philip Frattaroli

6.    Reports from the Offices of Local Elected Officials

7.    ZipCar: Jeremy Pomp, General Manager of ZipCar Boston will discuss the results of the first three months of a trial program in the North End.

8.    280-290 Commercial St., Laz Parking:  Applicant is seeking an extension of the Use of Premises Permit for 280-290 Commercial, to extend the current use of premise of open air parking.   (Todd Gilbert)

9.    Crudo, 54 Salem St., Nicholas Leo:  Petitioner seeking to upgrade their Wine & Malt with Cordials license to an All Alcohol License with no change of hours, description or operation.  (Atty. Dan Toscano, Licensing Board Hearing Feb. 17th).

10.    Announcements/Open Discussion/Comments:

2 Replies to “February 22nd NEWNC Agenda: Crudo Alcohol License, ZipCar Program, Parking Extension!

  1. Do premises of open air parking have an expiration date? Just wondering why they would need an extension

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