North End Against Drugs Adult BINGO a Huge Success

North End Against Drugs held its annual Adult Bingo Fundraiser on Sunday January 31st, the bye week before the SuperBowl.

Over 50 people attended and everyone had an awesome time. There were great baked goods donated by NEAD members and several of the bingo participants. The Nazzaro Center made fresh popcorn and coffee.

The event raised over $2,100 for NEAD youth and family programs. Former first lady Angela Menino along with daughter Susan and several family members attended to help this great program.

NEAD would like to thank the following people and businesses for their donations to help make this a hugely successful event once again.

Representative Aaron Michlewitz, City Councilor Sal LaMattina, Senator Anthony Petruccelli, Becca Griffin, Mike Giannasoli, Heidi Romanoff, Laurie D’Elia, Anonymous, John Pregmon, Billy Tse’s Rest, Monica’s Rest, Boston Barber and Tattoo Co, DePasquale Ventures, Ashasie Nails, Carmen’s Rest, Four Winds, Amici’s Rest, Del Ara Salon, Pagliuca’s Rest, Locale Rest, Cafe Vittoria, Taranta Rest, V. Cirace and Son, Teddy Boyle, Karen D’Amico.

Special THANK YOU to the North End Seniors for letting use their Bingo Equipment and Nicholas Verrocchi who called all the bingo numbers for 20 games. Also thank you to all of the players and the NEAD Board members who helped organize the event.