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Lewis Wharf Update on Proposed Hotel Development at Residents’ Association Meeting [Video]

Video: Lewis Wharf, discussion of proposed hotel development at NEWRA – December 10, 2015

North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) provided an update on the status of the public process around the proposed Lewis Wharf hotel project. Presenting for the NEWRA Executive Committee was Jennifer Crampton, Impact Advisory Group member on the LW project and NEWRA Secretary. Members were also updated on opportunities to comment during upcoming City and State reviews.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has issued a scoping determination asking the developer to come back with more information and analysis in a Draft Project Impact Report. A recent Banker & Tradesman article indicates the report is expected in the Summer 2016.

NEWRA released two comment letters that it previously submitted to the BRA and State officials, linked below.

NEWRA Comments on Lewis Wharf PNF to BRA (City) – October 15, 2015 (pdf)

NEWRA Comments on Lewis Wharf ENF to EEA (State) – October 13, 2015 (pdf)

To date, NEWRA members have not voted on the development project. In answer to a question, NEWRA President Ford Cavallari said NEWRA will further review and vote on the project in 2016.

Neighbors opposed to the hotel development spoke at the NEWRA meeting regarding their petition and have posted information at

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