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Monday! December 14th NEWNC Agenda: 92 Salem St, Flood Maps, Boston 2030, Beautification


North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council
Website: www.NEWNCBoston.org
Email: info@newncboston.org

Monday, December 14, 2015, 7:00PM
Nazzaro Center, 30 North Bennet Street

1.     Welcome:  NEWNC President

2.     Call to order & Roll Call:  NEWNC President

3.     Meeting Protocol:  NEWNC Vice President

4.     President’s Report:  NEWNC President

5.     Committee Reports:

a. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: Ryan Kenny

b. Public Safety Committee: Sean Hennessy

c. Greenway Committee:  John Pregmon

6.     Reports from the Offices of Local Elected Officials

7.     Boston Environment Department: Lauren Zingarelli and Mia Goldwasser from the Environment Department will discuss the new FEMA Flood Maps for the North End.

8.     North End Beautification Committee: Patricia Thiboutot to discuss NEBC efforts during the holiday season and projects for 2016.

8.     92-94 Salem Street, Nicholas D’Amore: Petitioner seeking to change the legal occupancy of the premises to 9 resident units and one commercial space by erecting a five story residential building at 3 Widget street.  The proposed structure would connect to the existing 6 residential units and commercial space at 92-94 Salem Street.  Building not to exceed 55 ft. (Atty. Daniel Toscano)

9.     Imagine Boston 2030 Visioning Session:  Officials from Imagine Boston 2030 will join us to answer questions about Boston’s first citywide planning effort in 50 years.  The Council and audience members are invited to participate in small group discussions and submit their results to city officials.

10.     Announcements/Open Discussion/Comments:

3 Replies to “Monday! December 14th NEWNC Agenda: 92 Salem St, Flood Maps, Boston 2030, Beautification

  1. Didn’t NEWNC and NEWRA vote against this in September or October? Has he changed anything? There used to be a NEWNC rule that someone could not come back for 6 months (or 12 I forget which one) if they were voted down and they had to address the objections of the council and their abutters.

  2. Yes, Joyce! This property was on our agenda in October and we do have a year long moratorium on hearing a proposal again. However, this proposal is sufficiently different from what was proposed and presented to NEWNC in October in both the number of units and the operation of trash. Changes made were in response to the concerns of the Council regarding density (less units) and trash (trash room added), so we would like to hear it again to determine if NEWNC if this new proposal warrants NEWNC support.

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