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Police Advisory: Beware Catfishing Scheme

The following Boston Police advisory is being passed on by the North End Public Safety Committee.

The Boston Police Department is advising the public to be aware of an ongoing robbery scheme involving online social media or dating websites. The victims are making contact with an online profile and agreeing to meet the person depicted on the profile at a specific residence. When the person arrives outside that location, they are approached by a male suspect armed with a handgun and robbed of their property. As of now, investigators believe there have been 6 such incidents in the past 5 weeks. All of the robberies thus far have occurred at specific addresses in Mattapan and Roxbury.

The online profiles are believed to be “Catfishing”: a deceptive activity where a false social network account is set up for criminal purposes. Members of the public are urged to take precautions when using social media or dating websites because it’s possible you could come across a “Catfisher”.

What to Look For:

  • He or she seems too good to be true. “Catfishers “will use profile pictures of very attractive people to lure victims.
  • They won’t Skype or use a web cam to talk to you.
  • They have an online profile that appears new or incomplete.

If you agree to meet someone based upon online contact, make sure it is a public place. DON’T AGREE TO MEET ANYONE AT THEIR RESIDENCE. If you think you might be a potential victim of a “Catfishing” scheme, contact your local Boston Police District immediately.