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North End Public Safety Meeting Addresses Recent Crime Activity

Boston Police Captain Kenneth Fong gave a detailed rundown of recent crime activity in the North End / Waterfront area at the June 2017 Public Safety meeting. Year-to-date in BPD District A-1, crime incidents are up 2% over last year.

Over the past month, there was one robbery, one aggravated assault, one break-in and four larcenies. Details follow below.

On May 18th, 2:07 a.m. at Commercial and Hanover Streets, a man asked for a light and made small talk with a group of other males on the street. The man said he was subsequently sucker punched by the members in the group. Using a description, police officers later arrested two suspects who were brought to the A-1 police station.

On May 7th, 2:45 a.m., at Cooper St. and North Margin Streets, officers responded to a disturbance call. A male victim was assaulted and struck in the head with a bottle reporting that three male suspects fled up N. Margin Street. The suspects were not found.

On May 22nd, 4:20 a.m., a break-in was reported at 190 North Street where a security guard found a male suspect entering a glass side door. Police responded and arrested the suspect for breaking & entering as well as trespassing.

Also on May 22nd, an older woman from Henchman Street reported she was sexually assaulted. Details are not being released other than the individuals were known to each other.

Of the four larcenies in the past 30 days, a purse was stolen at the Florentine Restaurant, 333 Hanover Street. A computer was also taken from the Mercantile Building on Atlantic Avenue. The 3rd incident involved a bicycle taken from Unity Street. Lastly, a J. Jill package was stolen from 66 N. Margin Street.

At Hanover and Prince Streets, a male suspect jumped on the hood of a car, took a loaf of bread from the vehicle, ran in the Connah Store and caused a general disturbance. Responding officers arrested the drunk suspect. Two other cars were broken into over the past month, one on Garden Court and another on Clark Street.

There were nine arrests during the past month in the neighborhood.
1. and 2. Robbery described above (2 suspects)
3. Drug arrest at 263 Hanover Street where suspects had multiple drug-related (Cl. A – heroine) warrants outstanding.
4. Drug arrest at 386 Commercial Street, after officers executed a search warrant finding over $16,000 in cash, drug making equipment, pill jars, chemicals and scales. Suspect charged for intent to distribute Cl. A drugs (heroine).
5. Charter St. and Copp’s Hill Terrace – officers answered an ad for the sale of marijuana. They subsequently charged the suspect for distribution of Cl. D (marijuana) within 300 feet of a school zone (Eliot K-8 School).
6. At Thacher St. & Thacher Ct., a male individual was reported yelling and causing a disturbance on May 12th at 9:30 a.m. The suspect was arrested for an outstanding warrant.
7. Bread loaf larceny & disturbance arrest in the incident described above.
8. At 350 Hanover St., an arrest was made of a male violating a restraining order.
9. Drug arrest at Endicott & Thacher Streets on a Cambridge warrant.

A vehicle accident occurred on May 15th at Lewis & Commercial Streets where a young female driver struck a female pedestrian who was seriously injured. The police report says the driver stopped and then proceeded through the crosswalk, striking the victim because her vision was blocked by the angle of the car’s roof beam. The driver called 911 and the victim was taken to Mass. General Hospital with injuries to her legs and a concussion. More at this post.

Residents updated police with homeless people seen sleeping in the Prado, Paul Revere Mall as well as the Gassy, DeFilippo Playground. Police said residents can call 911 after 11 p.m. to report sleeping in parks.

The Sail Boston “Tall Ships” parade of sail on June 17th is being classified as a high-risk event, equivalent to Super Bowl-type security. Police presence will be high with screening areas on the wharf side of Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue. Driveways will be blocked with dump trucks for the day. Organizers are estimating over 1 million visitors along Boston’s waterfront.

Residents reported that roof deck parties have returned to the neighborhood with significant noise disturbances. Repeated incidents have been reported on Sheafe Street.

Police said neighbors should call both 311 (City Hall) and 911 (Police) anytime there is a disturbance of the peace. Officers can respond and are also willing to follow up with landlords during the next workday. After four 911 calls are received about the same address, the City’s Problem Properties Task Force can take on the case.

A general discussion ensued regarding the smoking of marijuana on the streets and in areas parks, specifically Greenough Park. Pot smoking is now legal, however, police said reports of disturbing the peace should still be reported to 911.

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  1. While smoking pot may now be legal, smoking of any kind in a Boston City Park is still against the law, punishable by a $250 fine. Residents should continue to report all illegal activities in our neighborhood parks (smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, loitering after closing hours) to BPD by calling 911.

    1. Should we also call 911 to report elderly neighbors enjoying a glass of wine over a game of bocce at Langone Park?

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