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Lock Your Cars! Man Checking for Open Vehicles

NorthEndWaterfront 2015-11-05 at 8.06.15 PMEarly Wednesday morning, around 1-2 a.m., a man was seen checking open cars along Commercial Street, specifically in the parking lot between the Union and Lincoln Wharf buildings. Some open cars reportedly had property stolen.

Car owners should ensure their vehicles are locked and do not leave any valuables (GPS, coins, laptops, etc.) in sight. If you recognize the man in these videos or have any other information, please contact Boston Police District A-1 at 617-343-4240 or email Captain Fong kenneth.fong@pd.boston.gov.



The following videos are courtesy of Union Wharf cameras.

One Reply to “Lock Your Cars! Man Checking for Open Vehicles

  1. What this man is doing is wrong, but not locking up your car is a no-brainer!
    An unlocked car is an invitation for a crime to be committed.

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