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Notable News: Walsh Photobomb, Meat Lovers, Condo Prices, Seniors Halloween, Fall Foliage, Hot Eastie!

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The Boston Globe via,
Photo by Jonathan Wiggs, The Boston Globe via,

A 26-year-old Marty Walsh photobombed former Mayor Menino in 1993

The year was 1993, Marty Walsh was a 26 years old and volunteering to hold a sign for Boston Mayoral Candidate James “Jim” Brett. Scene here in the background wearing the Red Sox cap, Walsh was looking at Mayoral Candidate Thomas M. Menino, who was acting mayor at the time and campaigning for his first Mayoral bid, a position he would hold for 20 years. See the photo and read the story at,

Are Condo Prices in Boston’s North End Cooling Down?

Given the past several years, the headline may be heard to believe, but some data indicates that North End condo prices may in fact be settling down. Comparing sale prices and data from previous years, read for more on the subject.

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Photo via MLS, courtesy of

Big home sales of the week 

Two luxury condo units were sold on the North End waterfront last week, one at 343 Commercial Street and the other at 40 Battery Street. Both condo units sold well over the average home price in the North End, take a look at unit photos and more details at, Real Estate.

Sulmona Meat Market in Boston's North End, photo by Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe.
Sulmona Meat Market in Boston’s North End, photo by Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe.

For meat lovers, sausage still sizzles despite health warning

Will the World Health Organization’s findings about consuming processed meats affect eating habits in America? Owner’s of Bova’s Bakery and Monica’s Mercato & Salumeria in Boston’s North End are confident that nothing will change. Details and more opinions at, The Boston Globe.

College students latest wave to embrace East Boston

There was a time when North End residents thought that college students would never stop moving in. These days, with prices skyrocketing in the North End for small apartments, many students are venturing out to neighborhoods like East Boston, in hopes of more space and cheaper rent. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

Senior Halloween Party

Who says that Halloween is only for kids? Take a look at seniors who held their annual Halloween party with food, music and bingo! Pictures from the event and more by the Nazzaro Center.

Melina DiPaola, Jazz Martin at Scene Magazine.
Ride North End owner Melina DiPaola stands proud, photo by Jazz Martin at Scene Magazine.

Expect a wellness experience at Ride Indoor Cycling

Ride North End is a unique cycling studio for not only the atmosphere and juice, but for the owner herself. Melina DiPaola leads intense classes at the helm of the studio, but she did not get to this point overnight, Scene Magazine has more on her story and battle from a young age.

Vibrant! Fall Color

Many resort to apple orchards, weekend hiking trips, and pumpkin patches to really soak up the fall foliage in New England, but what about the fall foliage on the Greenway? Shadbush, Maples, and other trees account for the foliage along the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Aquarium News and Updates

Boston is in the middle of planning for the development of the Downtown Boston Waterfront, where the Aquarium has been for 45 years, read more from the New England Aquarium.

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