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Boston Police Statement on Paris Attacks

Prudential and Lenox Hotel Lit Up in French Colors (Justin Mingghan Wei)

Boston Police have issued the following statement in response to the Paris attacks:

The Boston Regional Intelligence Center continues to monitor the situation in Paris and is working closely with federal and local law enforcement.  As of now there is no credible threat to Boston; however, we are encouraging officers to remain vigilant as they conduct their patrols.  Additional law enforcement resources have been deployed throughout the city.

2 Replies to “Boston Police Statement on Paris Attacks

  1. What is ever-so frightening is the fact that they are pivoting toward internationalism terrorism. Boston, along with other cities are on high alert, and we are thankful, as Meredith said. A few friends from Paris emailed and they are OK. God bless everyone — in the world, who is living a life far from normalcy.

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