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Fashion Goes 18th Century at Old North [Photos]

Old North Foundation hosted an Eighteenth century fashion show where over 30 models and reenactors walked the runway showing the clothing and uniforms around the time of the Revolutionary War. The event was an official Boston Fashion Week event.

Jay Calderin, Boston Fashion Week Founder and Executive Director, and advisor to the Old North Fashion Show, adds: “For over twenty years Boston Fashion Week has been exploring and experimenting with fashion and what it means to our community — the art, the culture, the science, the technology, and the history. The cycle of fashion moves faster and faster every day, making Founding Fashions an exciting and important event because it challenges us to measure fashion in centuries, not just decades or even seasons.”

There were British regulars and Continental soldiers, ball gowns and riding habits, sailors and farmers, and everything in between! The crowd watched 240 year-old fashions come alive outside of museums and on real life models. As Abigal Adams said, “A little of what you call frippery is very necessary towards looking like the rest of the world.”

Enjoy these photos from Founding Fashions by photographer Michele Morgan.

Photos by Michele Morgan.

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