Freeway’s Birthday Wish to Pam Donnaruma

Happy Birthday to Pam Donnaruma, Publisher and Editor of the Post-Gazette. I wish my friend, who is also my boss the best Birthday ever and many, many more.

I am also so very proud of my friend Pam that she received the President Award at the 101st State convention of the Sons of Italy. The Presidential Award is the highest recognition presented at the annual convention.

A woman who has come from generations of publishers, succeeded and most importantly, to make her grandfather, father and mother proud of their daughter that has accomplished so much for this newspaper and for herself.

I am so proud of you as my friend and boss. I may be only a pooch but I love you.


4 Replies to “Freeway’s Birthday Wish to Pam Donnaruma

  1. Nice article, Marie, and what a wonderful 39th birthday gift for Pam. She and her family have done a lot for the North End and the entire Italian/American community.

  2. Happy Birthday Pam and of course many more to come. So accomplished,Smart and Pretty too! I always look forward to reading The Post-Gazette because its the Best Sending God’s Blessing! And to Freeway You said it all!!

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