We send our sincere condolences on the passing of Freeway to Marie Simboli. Freeway has made many thoughtful contributions to NorthEndWaterfront.com over the years. Thanks to the Post Gazette for sharing this special remembrance.

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  1. Loved by all-what a wonderful legacy Freeway leaves. He was much loved, Marie.
    Sincerest condolences from the Bartolucci s, especially from Don Leo🐩

  2. What a special little dog.We loved having him in our building.my thoughts go out to Marie who was such a wonderful companion to him. She always thought of Freeway first.Sad day for the residents of 61 Prince…

  3. Marie, so very sorry to hear of Freeway’s passing~~~~you two were joined at the hip!!! Great companions for each other!
    That little dog always put a smile on faces all over ~~~even in the Nursing Home !!!
    Thanks for sharing him with all of us!!

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