5 Replies to “In Loving Memory of Freeway

  1. Marie, my deepest condolences to you on the passing of Freeway. I know how much you loved him.

  2. Loved by all-what a wonderful legacy Freeway leaves. He was much loved, Marie.
    Sincerest condolences from the Bartolucci s, especially from Don Leo🐩

  3. What a special little dog.We loved having him in our building.my thoughts go out to Marie who was such a wonderful companion to him. She always thought of Freeway first.Sad day for the residents of 61 Prince…

  4. Marie, so very sorry to hear of Freeway’s passing~~~~you two were joined at the hip!!! Great companions for each other!
    That little dog always put a smile on faces all over ~~~even in the Nursing Home !!!
    Thanks for sharing him with all of us!!

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