Construction Starting for Commercial Street Cycle Track Bike Lanes

Boston Public Works presented at this month’s neighborhood meetings regarding the imminent start of construction for the $23 million Connect Historic Boston (CHB) Bicycle Trail in the North End.

Commercial Street Cycle Track Design Rendering
Commercial Street Cycle Track Design Rendering

CHB will include a sidewalk level family-friendly protected “cycle-track” for bicyclists on the harbor side of Atlantic Avenue and Commercial Street. It also connects to a cycle track along Causeway Street (which is undergoing a complete reconstruction).

Work has already begun on Causeway Street in front of North Station and will begin in late July in the North End / Waterfront. Construction will start from the N. Washington Street intersection, moving south along Commercial Street and into Atlantic Avenue. The exact timing is dependent on how long it takes to move sidewalk infrastructure including curb drains. Parking will be restricted in “two-block” segments as construction moves forward. Work time is 9:30am to 3:30pm and travel lane restrictions are expected during the day.

Watch the video above for the complete presentation and discussion from the July 9th meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). More information can be found at the Connect Historic Boston website.

The phase map below shows the approximate timing of construction along Commercial Street. The cycle track surfacing will be installed in November 2015, potentially slipping to early 2016 depending on construction schedules.

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  1. THE Road to nowhere , after all this expenditure please tell me who this benefits ?, there is so little usage of this “Track” it was a total waste the cities precious fund’s that could have been better actually helping the citizens.

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