North End Movie Nights Off to a Great Start at the Gassy

North End Movie Nights are off to a fun and great start. Opening night, June 8 – the screening of Despicable Me was enjoyed by 150 (rough count) of your friends and neighbors.

This week, for Christmas in July, we saw Ms. Taylor making Christmas ornaments, we heard carols and some contemporary music spun by DJ Carmine, we pulled out one of my all time favorites – the handbells – to ring in a few Christmas Carols, and many, if not all, received a wrapped Christmas present. Unfortunately, it started to rain quite hard about 15 minutes prior to show time and we called the movie off. MANY walked up to disappointed me to say “Thank you – this was great – we had a great time anyway”.

Thank you to the many who chipped in to make such an evening a successful, and fun community event. They include:

Virgil for keeping this amazing event vibrant and alive for 10 (more than 10? – I thought it was 15) years. And for passing it along.

The Italian grandmothers who come out of the woodwork to help serve pizza, and help make everything festive and fun – last night, Anna, Miguela, and Amelia. Last week – there were three more. So so helpful. Kids Peter, Charlie, John Paul, Michael, Sam, Dan, Anthony, Tim and Valentina for help in moving tables.

Hilary, Ingrid, Leo and others who helped by wrapping presents early in the evening. Ingrid, Charlie, John Paul, Valentina, Ava, and several others who jumped in the parade of pizza picker uppers to pick up the dozens of donated pizzas from Pizzeria Regina.

Pizzeria Regina for donating countless pizzas last night and over the past 10 (more?) years to this very fun event. And for that matter – to SO MANY neighborhood events over SO MANY years. Rich – you are a rockstar. Kerry Spagnuolo for picking up several cases of water, and for loaning your outdoor Christmas decoration cords for the duration of the season.

Nazzaro Center’s Carl Ameno, and Bruce – who have graciously helped out by allowing for a rain location if needed. I should have been a bit more conservative last night and called it much earlier, but I was too excited to have an outdoor movie night! By the time it rained, it was too late in the evening to move indoors.

Jamie from the parking garage for arranging for a temporary, yet very very nice screen on the outside of the scaffolding that is in place for this entire summer.

All the rest of the folks who walked up to me and said “Becca, what can I do to help?” and either were given something that you did without hesitation, or because there was nothing needed at the moment, you hovered nearby so that you could jump in when and if needed. There were many of you – and I am so very grateful.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, North End friends!
See you next week!

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  1. you should show “Everybody Wants To Be Italian” which was filmem in the North End and has the North Ends own

    PJ Marino as one of the main cast.

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