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Boston Public Market Opens With 37 Local Vendors [Photo Gallery]

Boston Public Market Opening - July 2015-62

After a multi-year planning effort, the Boston Public Market opened Thursday, July 30th at 100 Hanover Street, above the Haymarket T Station on the ground floor of the Parcel 7 garage. The non-profit indoor market is open 8am to 8pm from Wednesday through Sunday. The main entrance is on Congress Street although the market also has entrances along the Greenway side.

The Boston Public Market features 37 vendors of local, mostly Massachusetts-made products including produce, coffee, dairy and meats in the 28,000 square foot space. BPM is separate from the longstanding Haymarket pushcarts that will continue to operate along Blackstone Street, Thursday night through Saturday morning.

“We’re not just opening the Boston Public Market today; 37 small businesses are launching their own retail stores within the Market, some of them for the first time,” said Liz Morningstar, CEO of the Boston Public Market. “We’re especially proud of the impact the Boston Public Market is having on our local agricultural economy. Our 15 farm vendors sell more than 280 farm goods sourced from over 80 New England farms, representing more than 7,000 acres of New England farmland.”

In addition to the local food offerings, the Boston Public Market will feature programs through the Trustees of Reservations that will manage and staff a teaching kitchen in the center of the market.

As a non-profit, the BPM has raised over $16 million in public and private money, including $6.5 million in state funding for design and construction within the MassDot Parcel 7 building. EBT will be accepted at BPM vendor stalls. An opening video was created by BPM and can be viewed here. More information can be found at the website.

We stopped in to take these photos below of the new space and vendor areas.

Photos by Matt Conti.

7 Replies to “Boston Public Market Opens With 37 Local Vendors [Photo Gallery]

  1. O come on u really don’t think this will shout down the pushcarts please
    And btw for them it’s Fri afternoon to Sat night u have it wrong dose anyone prof read it before it gets posted

    1. The post is correct as the Haymarket pushcarts setup and operate on Thursday afternoon. The new Boston Public Market is in addition to the Haymarket pushcarts.

  2. Looks good but everything is way over priced ie $17 Pastrami sandwichs, $20 per pound cheese etc….. Pushcarts have no worries. Good for tourists and suburbites who don’t know better!

  3. Thanks Matt for the photos. I feel as though I just went shopping! Word has it that the market is a plethora of products, with reasonable prices. Many friends have already made excellent purchases.

  4. Love it here! Everything is so fresh and clean – a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend visiting this new marketplace.

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