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Bank ATM Skimmer Makes Withdrawal on Hanover Street

Mass Most Wanted has photos of a male suspect being sought for using a skimming device in Medway, Mass. and then making a withdrawal at the Citizens Bank ATM machine on Hanover Street. A card reader skimming device gives the suspect the victim’s bank card number and PIN. In one account, the suspect using the information to make cash withdrawals of approximately $10,000.

ATM users should check the card reader at bank machines to ensure a skimming device has not been illegally affixed to the reader.

More information and contact information at this website. MassMostWanted is sponsored by the Mass Bankers Association and maintained by the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council to identify unknown criminal suspects.

Thanks to Adam G. at UHub for the heads up!

One Reply to “Bank ATM Skimmer Makes Withdrawal on Hanover Street

  1. So, what does the skimmer LOOK like? A little quick research shows that the variety of skimmers in use, plus more sophisticated versions not yet shown online, may be much too time-consuming and tricky to detect. Perhaps the best wisdom is to continue to watch our bank transaction records closely to make sure all are legit. I have been skimmed (not in the Boston area). With a quick call, my bank restored all of the money to my account. “Quick” probably helped.

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