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Gone Missing: Freedom Trail Map on Cross Street

The large Freedom Trail map mounted on the brick wall at Cross Street Plaza has gone missing. The map was located between Nick’s Famous Deli and the Citizen’s Bank ATM, along the Freedom Trail between Salem & Hanover Streets. No word on whether the map was stolen or removed for repair. Although only about one and a half years old, the map had been wearing/peeling. Photo and heads up courtesy of Nate Swain.

In April 2010, the Freedom Trail map was unveiled at a special ceremony. See Freedom Trail Map Unveiling on Cross Street in North End.

9/27 Update: The Freedom Trail Foundation has informed us that the sign vendor removed it to replace the panels. The new map panels should be installed by September 29th.

3 Replies to “Gone Missing: Freedom Trail Map on Cross Street

  1. Maybe somebody took it as part of those urban scavenger hunts…I heard of people who ave gone into LuLus sweet shop looking for a Mikes Pastry bag so it wouldn't surprise me if one of the not too bright participants took the map because they needed to get a map!

  2. Courtesy of a note from the Freedom Trail Foundation, we have learned that the map panels were removed by a vendor and the new sign should be installed by September 29th.

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