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Vandalism at New Dog Park, 48 Hours After Opening

Photo courtesy of Leslie Horn
Downed fire hydrant (Photo courtesy of RUFF)

Just days after the grand opening of the new dog park at the Flights in DeFilippo Park (i.e., the Gassy), a RUFF volunteer noticed some vandalism when they went to close up the park and lock the gates for the night. Not even 48 hours into the pilot, vandalism had taken place to the 250 pound fire hydrant, which was “up rooted” and turned on its side.

“We are not discouraged at all,” said RUFF president Leslie Horn. RUFF worked with the City toward creating the pilot dog park. “We truly believe this park will succeed but want and need the help of the neighbors and law enforcement in these early stages,” she added.

As a precautionary measure, the dog park will now be closed and locked at 7:30 pm instead of 9:00 pm.

15 Replies to “Vandalism at New Dog Park, 48 Hours After Opening

  1. I, for one, have been fairly opposed to those who let their dogs run wild in the North End parks. However, regardless of how you feel about dogs in the North End, this is terrible. If you don’t like the dog park, have some spine, make yourself known and speak your mind.

    The person who did this is nothing but a criminal and a coward. I hope you’re caught and your name is made public.

  2. This act of vandalism is a disgrace. To whomever is responsible, what did you get out of this? Guess what: RUFF will continue onwards with the great work they’ve done over the years, and this much-needed dog park will THRIVE. 🙂

    David Marx
    North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council
    Public Safety Committee Chairman

  3. Probably would be wise to set in concrete… but from the looks of the mulch around it, the dogs don’t mind one bit

  4. For starters This park under went very poor planning. If you think the park is going to last think again I bet anyone the park don’t even see the end of May before it is closed down. There is no grass, no place for a dog to run! I would never bring my dog there. I go to the water front there they can run in the tennis court.

  5. I personally think that this park should of never became a dog park and you people who run to this website with your complaints are to much of cowards and are going to take this to the law. I used to come to this park and play catch with my children but I guess vicious animals should have the space not the resident of the northend and another thing there is a dog park on Richmond st people

  6. I personally think this is a waste of space by making this a dog park. We need more for the children than we do dogs. This just above a playground with dogs in and out of the park peeing everywhere and dog poop up above a children’s park is ridiculous. Many years ago their were swings, rocking horses for younger kids and was always kept under control and clean. Bottom line it’s a disgrace to put dogs before children. I own dogs I have children and it’s not a good idea. This would of never been agreed to a few years back. I hope it does not succeed and as for kids going up there to hang out that has been going on for many many generations. Never been a problem until a lot of North End residents moved out or whoever is still a true North Ender don’t have time to go to meetings about a dog park it’s insane. RUFF is an organization which was created for those who have dogs and much time on their hands. Use the funds for this park and upkeep and fixing destroyed areas of the dog park is incomprehensible but not for the kids? When a swing or other things in our parks need to be fixed they are not or take forever because of funds or just not getting done but by all means let’s invest money immediately when the dog park needs upkeep and to be cleaned or things to be fixed. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope after the pilot it’s gone if not before then and use the space and money for the kids.

  7. So we’re going to start this now?

    “Never been a problem until a lot of North End residents moved out or whoever is still a true North Ender don’t have time to go to meetings about a dog park it’s insane”

    Keep in mind those that are keeping score…the original true North Enders were Irish. So please bag it with the ‘true north ender’ stuff. It doesnt apply here.

    And one other thing, this isnt about the park. I’d rather see the money spent on something for the kids as well, but it wasn’t. That still doesnt give anyone the right to vandalize their own neighborhood. That’s the definition of trash.

  8. Really ? A fake fire hydrant that wasn’t even screwed into the ground or anything , just planted in the dirt being knocked down probrably on accident is vandalism ?? Use you’re heads people I’ve seen huge dogs up there , so don’t call it vandalism unless someone’s arrested for it ,

  9. The hydrant was indeed an act of vandalism. It was smashed.
    The ‘flights’ are a good distance from the swings and kids’ park. Have you been there lately?
    Do any of you have suggestions as to where the dogs can romp and play?

  10. The only North Enders the dogs have displaced are loud drunks and junkies. Dogs in the flights before 9:00 PM, booze bottles or heroin needles – you choose. As an abuter I certainly did. It is wonderful to see North Enders (with their dogs) outside and socializing again in the flights. You go RUFF!

  11. OMG…This is the same group of negative folks who just don’t like change. It is ridiculous to continue to talk about the flights from memories long gone by as a happy meeting place for the neighborhood to play catch, listen to doo wop and exchange stories. I live directly across the street and have seen the only activity that has gone on there in the past few years, drug dealing, boozing, public urination from the loud mouths who have lost this priveledge. This is an incredibly smart idea that makes sense as it kills two birds with one stone. Troublemakers are out and folks including children and there dogs are in. Get over it! . Bravo RUFF!

  12. This dog park is definately and asset to the North End Being one of the last of a dying breed, having been here all my life I have never witnessed those flights looking so clean and kept up. Even when I was a kid the flights were always the ‘go to” place to drink but we cleaned up after ourselves for fear of getting caught. I dont think anyone who is against this space being used for dogs by responsible owners are aware of the past condition of the park when it was an “unofficial dog park” For starters it was filthy mess people were not picking up after their dogs and even if some of us did, there was just too much to even make a dent. Add to that the riff raff drug using, beer bottles and paraphinalia thrown about, that space was a hazard to everyone. Let’s be real here children have not played on those flights since the late 60s early 70s at most. North End demographics have changed over the years and many of our residents are dog owner that are responsible, but sadly some aren’t. That is why the sidewalks have so many tied up doggie bags laying around. The dogs live here too and deserve a safe place to run around, sosialize and interact. I really cannot wrap my head around these nay sayers. Isn’t it better to have these beloved dogs contained and running around a safe place that is clean and well kept? or the other alternative is dogs running around on places like the ball field where clearly they should not be. The bottomline is a choice “drunks Druggies leaving remnants of drug use all over the place and dog mess everywhere”or A Wonderful clean well kept space where responsible owner can have their beloved dogs running around in a safe place. Of course I could sit here and type out how things were back in the day when dogs just ran around loose, ect ect but that was then and this is now. One last think I would like to say, have any of you really taking the time to see the dog park, watch how the dogs interact and have fun and see how the responsible owners make sure to keep up the cleanliness? MY guess is you would be pleasantly surprised. The area even smells so much better. Keep it up RUFF Awesome work

  13. What a shame. Being that it’s a pilot program, there probably isn’t a sturdier way to install the hydrant. It might be best to simply remove it entirely for now and possibly install it properly if the pilot succeeds. There are plenty of trees for the dogs to aim at. 😉

    Let’s all take care to be responsible dog owners to hopefully help convince those who are afraid of these recent changes. I’m already talking to my neighbors much more than I ever did before! It’s been great.

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