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Freeway’s Thanksgiving Pet Food Drive is a Success

“Do you see that smile on my face? My tail is wagging like crazy.” I am so happy that our “Thanksgiving Pet Food Drive” was a SUCCESS. I do not know how to THANK EVERYONE that took the time and effort to drop off their donations, food for the dogs and cats as well as leashes; toys; treats; beds; collars, etc., at the Post-Gazette. We went to the shelter at the Angell Memorial hospital where Kelly (a staff member) accepted the donations with a smile of appreciation, she was amazed at how thoughtful everyone had been especially during this difficult time that so many are out of work and yet they thought of the pets. Please note that anything they cannot use at the shelter will be given to those that are less fortune that have pets. The food drive was so successful I am going to do it again next year. Are you with me? Yes! Yes!

On that note, a special “thank you” to my friend Joan at the Post-Gazette that helped me organize this fundraiser and to my friend Louie who drove us. We should ALL be happy we made less fortunate pets happy for the holiday. I would also like to thank the following for their generous donations: Pauline, Danielle, Cheryl, Donna, Angela, Jenna, Tim, Antonietta, Antonino, C.C., Chef Coyne and others.

While I am writing this column, I’d like to mention also the wonderful article that was written by Bryan Golden who wrote Thanksgiving: So much to be thankful in the November 18, 2011 edition of the Post-Gazette. A wonderful, heartfelt story that touched my heart because Thanksgiving is my favorite special holiday of all.  The article was just great Bryan, thank you so much.
That’s all for now!