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Hull Street Fire Near Old North Church; Residents Thank Good Samaritan and Boston Fire

A fire broke out early Saturday morning on Hull Street, up the block from Old North Church on the Freedom Trail in Boston’s North End. Residents are crediting a passerby for noticing it early on the roof, alerting those inside and the Boston Fire Department. (Photos above by Brendan O’Brien.)

A building resident, Leo, shares his appreciation to the good samaritan and Boston Fire Department.

I sincerely wish to thank the unknown gentleman who noticed the roof of our building was on fire this morning on Hull St. Thank you. While every resident in the building was asleep, you ran up the stairs and knocked on our doors and yelled until we were all awake and out of the building. It is likely that no one would have noticed the fire had you not alerted everyone. Thank you. Also, many thanks for the quick response time from the fire department. Who arrived within minutes and knocked down the fire with precision. Thank you.