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Notable News: Snow Manners, Valet Parking App, Greenway Porch Swings, Baker Olympics Veto?

Does anybody ever ask you, “hey did you see that article in the paper the other day?” Or maybe, “did you see that photo in the Globe yesterday?” If you read the Notable News post every week, when it pertains to the North End / Waterfront, you will not miss a thing. Stay on top of the news about our neighborhood coming from outside sources.

Image courtesy of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Conseravancy
A photo showing the pergola, image courtesy of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Conseravancy

Porch Swings Could Replace Rose Kennedy Greenway Benches

You may already know from our article on Spring Improvements to the Greenway, but as of now the plan is to turn 8 of the Greenway’s 21 benches into swings, costing an estimated $95,000. Following strength test results, the swings will hang from the pergola, the overhanging metal structure that forms a semi-shaded walkway over the North End Parks on the Greenway. Read more details and funding information at, BostInno.

Valet parking startup Luxe plans to pull into Boston in April

Luxe Valet is already operating in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and they hope to have this valet service smartphone app up and running in Boston before Opening Day at Fenway Park. Curtis Lee, the CEO of the startup which has just secured $20 million in funding, has heard how difficult it is to park in the North End, Kenmore Square, and Fenway area. Read how the valet app works at, Beta Boston.

ELISE AMENDOLA/ASSOCIATED PRESS Pedestrians walked single file between snow banks on a sidewalk along Beacon Street in Boston Feb. 20.
Pedestrians walked single file between snow banks on a Boston sidewalk, photo by Elise Amendola, Associated Press.

Boorish Bostonians could use a lesson in snow manners

This North End resident, hailing from England, has had enough of people being rude with the sharing of narrow slippery sidewalks. Although she did not grow up with snow, with “single file” sidewalks, this woman does not think a simple “thank you” is too much to ask when she yields for others to pass. Read the letter at, The Boston Globe.

Waterfront plan should preserve tunnel for future North-South Rail Link

Will the day ever come when North Station and South Station are connected? Although it was not included in the Big Dig, state transportation planners left room for the possibility to add a connection tunnel later. At the moment, there is no plan to do this, but tall buildings like the potential 30-story tower proposed for the Hook Lobster site could prevent a tunnel allowing the connection. Read more from this opinion piece at, The Boston Globe

Photo courtesy of Michael Mancuso, Times of Trenton
Photo courtesy of Michael Mancuso, Times of Trenton.

Bill of Fare: Il Forno brings cachet of Boston’s North End to West Windsor

Although Jeff Malloy grew up in New Jersey, it was in the North End of Boston where he made his culinary reputation by opening Carmen Trattoria. After being in the Boston restaurant scene, Mallow has taken his talents back to New Jersey, opening Il Forno Café & Trattoria in West Windsor, more at

Solons back Charlie Baker Olympics veto

In an effort to assure transparency with Boston’s bid to host the 2024 summer Olympics, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz along with dozens of other lawmakers have signed on to a bill that would create a commission and require “Boston 2024 to submit its bid documents to a 7-member appointed commission before the package is submitted to the International Olympic Committee.” In the end, it will be Governor Baker who has the final say, read the story at, The Boston Herald.

Big Plans for the Massacre in Boston

The reenacted of the Boston Massacre will take place on Saturday, March 7th at the Old State House Museum. There is a packed schedule of events for that day, including “Little Redcoats and Little Bostonians,” “Blood on the Snow,” and “Trial of the Century” in addition to the reenactment. Read more on what’s in store at, Boston 1775.

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