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Notable News: Hull Street Sinkhole, Snowy Video, Eataly, Frozen Harbor Walk, MBTA Water Taxi?

In an effort to keep you updated with the things that are being written about the North End / Waterfront, this post is comprised of articles from alternative news sources! A few minutes on this post will make up for an entire week of keeping up with the local buzz. 

A dangerous sinkhole on Hull Street, photo courtesy of
A dangerous sinkhole on Hull Street, photo courtesy of Channel 7 News.

Sinkhole opens up in North End

Hull Street in the North End is home to a sinkhole that opened up, resulting in that part of the road being closed for repairs. View the post at, 7 News.

Snowy Scenes from the North End

With over 90 inches of snow, this winter is the third snowiest in the history of Boston. Many may feel like they just want to forget about all of this snow, but it is history, and certainly worth documenting. Video from

Nick Varano, photo by David Lauridsen.
Nick Varano, photo by David Lauridsen, Boston Magazine.

You Gotta Lay It Down to Pick It Up

This article profiles Nick Varano, the owner of several Boston restaurants including Strega Waterfront. Varano is a “Howyadoin” type of guy, who is set to open up his new steakhouse, Strip, in the center of, “snobtown.”  Read the article at, Boston Magazine.

An appetite for eating competitions in Boston

Many restaurants in Boston are aiming to create a buzz for people who love a good food eating challenge. Vito’s Tavern in the North End offers a refund to anyone who eats 10 “Atomic Wings,” while La Famiglia Giorgio’s offers five different challenges, each rewarded with a T-shirt. Read more at, The Boston Globe.

Photo courtesy of WCVB.
Photo courtesy of WCVB.

State charged more than $60k for work that may not have been done

Repairs to the Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit vessels were charged over $60,000 in repairs that seem to have never been made. What started as a department audit and lead to a state police internal investigation has uncovered several discrepancies from vendor invoices and mechanics logs.   WCVB

Confessions Of A Chopped-aholic

For the fans of Food Network, sources are saying that Mario Batali’s restaurant Eataly is close to landing a location in Boston. Eataly is described as, “half Italian Whole Foods, half cozy North End restaurant with a touch of Otto’s and a splash of Wegman’s Beer and Wine section.” Read more at, The Heights.

Baker supportive of expert Olympic bid review

Governor Charlie Baker is keeping the faith with the bid for the 2024 olympics as being a “notion in formation” that will be reviewed by “smart people” representing the best interests of the state. Representative Aaron Michlewitz proposed a bill which would set up a website to track public and private spending of the olympic games. Continue reading at,

Proposal's for flooding envision canals along Morrissey Boulevard, and other locations. Courtesy of the BRA (BOSTON REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY)
Proposal’s for flooding envision canals along Morrissey Boulevard, and other locations. Courtesy of the BRA.

Designs show how Boston could adapt as sea levels rise

Many may not have faith in this at the moment, but as concerns continue to be raised about sea levels, for streets that flood, commuters may be able to ditch their cars and hop on an MBTA water taxi. Sites that are being entertained as possibilites are Morrissey Boulevard; Fort Point Channel; and the Prince Building, located in the North End. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

Listen, sonny, lemme tell ya: In the old days, it got so cold, people could walk on the harbor

Have you heard recently that it is cold in Boston? Although this is one of the coldest winters in Boston history, prints from the BPL archives show a time where Bostonians used to walk on the frozen Boston Harbor, even pulling a ferry boat through ice at one point. Continue reading at, UniversalHub.

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