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Poll: What Do You Think About Boston’s Lawsuit to Block Wynn’s Casino License in Everett?

Steve Wynn’s design for the Everett casino is expected to mirror the curving bronze towers of Wynn Las Vegas (Images: Wynn Resorts).

The City of Boston filed a lawsuit this week against the State’s Gaming Commission to block the Wynn Resorts casino license and its $1.75 billion development in Everett. The action comes after negotiations broke down between the City and Wynn regarding mitigation payments to offset the impact of the planned resort casino. Read the full court complaint here.

In its complaint, Mayor Walsh’s administration alleges the traffic impact in Boston, and specifically Charlestown’s Rutherford Avenue / Sullivan Square, will make an already congested area even worse. The suit further claims that Boston has the right to hold a binding vote on the project.

Boston joins Revere and Somerville in filing suit against the license. All three of the municipalities claim the license was illegally awarded. Not coincidentally, the cities previously struck much more lucrative deals with the losing Mohegan casino bid at Suffolk Downs.

Tell us what you think about the Wynn casino by voting in the poll below.



4 Replies to “Poll: What Do You Think About Boston’s Lawsuit to Block Wynn’s Casino License in Everett?

  1. Oh, I’ll go ahead and read the full court complaint. 74 pages! Personal opinion? No casino. Keep Boston intact and whole unto itself, without appendages that will infiltrate our lives in a very detrimental manner.

    1. While I agree that Casino’s are a detriment to society in the long run and promote bad behaviors, from an economic POV we are losing so much money to CT as many go to casinos in their state. The tax dollars generated from this and Wynn’s plan to revitalize the harbor health and transportation systems are two big plus’s for me. Just something to contemplate.

  2. This venture will bring more problems to the neighborhoods~~~INCLUDING THE NORTH END !!!! We may have no say~~~but we will surely suffer the consequences of their left-overs !!!!

  3. I love going to Casino’s, and I am not a Gambler, I love the atmosphere, restaurants, etc. The thoughts of this
    Casino being in Everett or Revere in my opinion, will CRIPPLE the City of Boston. Those that are interested in
    building these Casinos should look in areas of the state that are not heavily congested & not weighed down with
    existing traffic conditions. I have stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas & I must say, it was by far, the best hotel I stayed
    at. I do not have to drive to work, but for those people that do, this will be a LIVING NIGHTMARE. There is no
    doubt about it, the Casino will bring in a lot of Revenue, but why must Revenue always be at the RESIDENTS’
    Expense. Aren’t there any City or State Officials concerned about the Welfare of Residents, or is everyone
    consumed with Money & Greed??? The particular area in Everett where they are looking to put this Casino is
    an eye sore, but there is a Great Demand for Housing, why can’t they do what Somerville did with the Assembly
    Square? Will it bring in the Revenue a Casino will take in, absolutely NOT, but you can be guaranteed of one
    thing it will bring in besides Revenue & that is CRIME. This is my take on the Casino being too close to Boston
    and I really don’t want to debate this issue any further.

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