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Reader Poll: Is the North End/Waterfront Social Distancing?

During the coronavirus pandemic, Boston has become a much quieter, sometimes eerily empty city. Schools have been closed since mid-March, and most shops and office buildings are locked. As part of Gov. Baker’s emergency order, all businesses that do not provide COVID-19 essential services have closed their physical locations. All to stop the spread of coronavirus by limiting human interactions.

Mayor Marty Walsh, along with public health officials, continues to urge Boston residents at near daily press conferences to maintain social distancing and avoid going out if you don’t have to. Businesses that remain open, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, have started limiting the number of people allowed in the store at one time and have tape on the floor marking 6 feet of distance in check-out lines.

While many members of the community are doing their part to social distance, additional restrictions have been added to stop groups from gathering in homes or on city fields to play recreational sports. 311 reports have been issued complaining of individuals not following social distancing on the sidewalks and in the dog parks.

Here in the North End and Waterfront neighborhood, how do you think people are doing with social distancing? Is everyone maintaining their six feet of separation while out on essential trips? Or do you think people are not abiding by the rules? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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12 Replies to “Reader Poll: Is the North End/Waterfront Social Distancing?

  1. I think the younger residents in the neighborhood are not abiding by the decree put out by Mayor Walsh and Gov. Baker. They are not wearing masks, not distancing and not being respectful to the population who are trying to do the right thing for all of us to get through this difficult period. IMHO there needs to be some sort of monitoring.

    1. Phyllis , I fear that as the weather gets warmer that problem will only get worse. Your absolutely correct that it’s totally disrespectful to the residents who are doing the right thing.

  2. I live in the North End. I walked my dog on Saturday and I saw a ton of people out and 99% did not even wear a mask. I saw runners running through tight streets, making it even harder to socially distance. People were playing basketball at Polcari park until the mayor tied the nets. I bet they’d still be playing now. I basically don’t leave my house until night. I live in a small old building and my younger neighbors were not taking it seriously. 2 weeks ago they had a party, it was enraging. I contacted my property office and put signs up all over the building. It’s frustrating the lack of social responsibility I’ve seen here. I’ve seen both young and older people not wear masks though.

    1. NY City has resorted to fining people who don’t comply and just today doubled the fines. Maybe the City of Boston and Mayor Walsh should follow suit?

      1. Eventually it will come to that. Not to criticize, leaders, but this a wack-a-mole situation. There is no play book. They have to adapt to a current situation, after careful consideration.

  3. It’s NOT just younger people. It’s also the group of older guys that hang out everyday at one of Depasquale’s places on Hanover Street. They block the sidewalk making it impossible for others to pass. They’ve been doing this since March and need to go home.

  4. I agree with all of the above.
    It’s so disheartening and actually surprising, that so many people, both young and old, yes, older too, feel they are invincible.
    What they’re really being is irresponsible and disrespectful.
    Shame on you!!!

  5. I am grateful for cloudy, rainy, or colder days because that seems to be a huge factor in a certain segment of the population staying home. People definitely aren’t staying home enough.

    The face covering recommendation from the Mayor and CDC issued last weekend is being ignored by the majority of residents/visitors in our neighborhood. We need Big Papi and other influential people that have a lot of followers tell us it’s cool and the right thing to do. The Mayor and professional disease experts telling us to do it apparently isn’t enough.

    Small recommendation: the businesses that are open like supermarkets and other essential businesses should be allowed to not serve customers who arrive without a facial covering on. That is what other places have done as a safety measure for everyone – employees and customers. Be nice if the Mayor or the Governor supported something like that and gave businesses the safe harbor to do so. This is a public health emergency and certain freedoms should be given up temporarily for the greater good.

    1. That’s a great idea. People working in stores shouldn’t be put at unnecessary risk.

  6. The runners on Commercial St do not follow social distancing guidelines.
    Most people out and about appear not to be wearing masks.

  7. We tend to trust our service people———well we cannot——no masks, no gloves, conversations etc !!!
    Very upset—–we are going wayyyyy out planning how to stay safe, then we see these careless people not paying attention—-IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR YOURSELF——AT LEAST ALLOW US TO CARE FOR OURSELVES !!!!!!

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