Nazzaro Youth Can Do

The Nazzaro Center has just concluded its annual can drive by amassing an astounding 323 cans and other packaged foodstuffs in just a little over three weeks!  This was truly a remarkable exercise in civic enterprise by the 90+ youth members of the center, members who ranged in age from 6-18 years old.  Even though the children were given  added impetus in the form of a “competition” between the boys and girls (the boys won by a mere 7 cans), the entire membership accomplished a uniquely noteworthy feat by all coming together to aid the elderly and less fortunate around the holidays.

The total of 7 boxes and 13 bags of groceries, conservatively estimated at over $1,000, were all taken to the local ABCD on Michelangelo Street and donated to their food pantry.  The brief visit of the 16 Nazzaro youth representatives to the staff and elderly club members at the drop-in was a heartwarming site.  Everyone present, young and old, whether they felt it or not, were all truly enveloped in the holiday spirit.  Pictured are the Nazzaro Youth presenting the fruits of their labors to the staff and senior members at the drop-in.