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North End Artist Giovanni DeCunto and Nazzaro Center Partner With World Eco Art Project

World Eco Art Project at Nazzaro Community Center using re-claimed bottle caps from Boston Harbor and elsewhere.

The World Eco Art Project (WECO), a non-profit founded and based in Boston is proud to announce it’s collaboration with renowned local artist Giovanni DeCunto and the Nazarro Community Center to create one of the first national recyclable art programs.  Mr. DeCunto has hangings in many local and national museums, as well as being a stalwart figure in the North End artistic scene. The Nazarro Community Center is able to provide the vast amounts of imagination required in the form of children ranging from 6 to 18. WECO is committed to fostering a sustainable artistic program in Boston that can be used as a guideline for a national program with many local feeder programs contributing.

World Eco Art Project
The World Eco Art Project is the brainchild of Mark Pincus, a local entrepreneur. It’s vision is to generate good will, and proffer the idea of sustainable art using the nearly infinite resource of children’s energy and imagination. Sustaining the non-profit model using recyclable materials, and local resources is included in the charter, and guides all that the group does.

Working on the WECO project at the Nazzaro Community Center.

Giovanni DeCunto
Giovanni DeCunto is a local Boston artist who is well known in expressionist circles. Mr. DeCunto lives in the North End where he has a gallery to showcase his art for local connoisseurs and has graciously volunteered to help promote the artistic vision of this project.

Nazarro Community Center

The Nazarro Community Center is a local center focused on school age children and expanding their horizons by offering multi-faceted programs that consist of everything from music, art, and the humanities to local sports leagues run by the Center. The NCC prides itself on having age based programs that allow peers to interact with other children near their natural age.

The Event
There will be a special event where the launch of WECO will take place. It will be this winter at a very unique venue which is to be disclosed.