Left to Right: Sam Viscione, Charlie Marino, Richie Delliago, Angelo Di Girolamo, Frank Julianello, Victor Passacantilli, Pat Reppucci, Joe Blazo

The success of the Friends of the North End Christmas Bocce Tournament has inspired the competitors to continue playing at the indoor courts in the Stephen Steriti Memorial Rink. The spirited matches were won by team members: Victor Passacantilli, Angelo Di Girolamo, Pat Reppucci and Frank Julianello. They soundly defeated the team of Sam Viscione, Charlie Marino, Richie Delliago and Joe Blazo in a rubber match taking 2 out of 3 contests. Special thanks go out to Charlie Marino who showed up early to groom the courts and clean the common areas adding an unusual ambience to the facility. The Friends of the North End also extend their gratitude to Sam and Steve of the manager’s office at the rink for their hospitality and providing ease of accessibility to the bocce courts. The Department of Conservation and Recreation hopefully are proud of the job they do.

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  1. Honestly not because he’s my brother but I don’t know of anyone that loves his friends and The North End more than he,not only because of his character but also his love of family and friends

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