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“Boston’s North End – An Italian American Story” Previewed by Friends of the North End

Dr. James Pasto, North End Historical Society
Maureen McNamara, film producer

The Friends Of The North End sponsored a viewing this week of the new movie “Boston’s North End – An Italian American Story”, at the Sons Of Italy hall in Winchester, MA.

The film tells the story of the Italian immigrant migration to Boston’s North End from the late 1800’s to the current time. Featured in the film are former and present North End residents discussing their experiences living in the North End. The film was developed and produced by the North End Historical Society.

Two of the producers Dr. James Pasto of the North End Historical Society and Maureen McNamara, presented the film to over one hundred people in attendance.

Crowd fills the room at the film viewing

A clip of the film can be viewed at the top of this post. Copies of the film can be pre-ordered by going to

10 Replies to ““Boston’s North End – An Italian American Story” Previewed by Friends of the North End

  1. I loved this film. It brought happy memories and tears to my eyes. So nice to hear Johnny “shoes” voice. He was the funniest man!

  2. Anyone having connections to the North End, will enjoy this film. I is well done and will bring joy and some tears. I am honored to be part of this film. Get a copy or a few it will make a great gift.

  3. I just noticed that James Pasto was one of the producers of the film. I remember him from Jackson Ave. He was friends with my family the “Sacco’s and Piazza’s. What a nice surprise! Did a great job.

  4. This documentary is like a time capsule propelling me back to my childhood in 1950s North End. Sunday Mass at St. Stephen’s, big family dinners around a crowded kitchen table in a tiny apartment, dunking freshly baked Italian bread in the gravy simmering on the stove, homemade ravioli spread out on a tablecloth on the bed. And, like Victor Passacantilli, I, too, got strange looks from my 7th grade classmates at Girls’ Latin School when I would bite into my eggplant and veal cutlet sandwiches.
    I love this documentary although it made me sad and nostalgic for the simpler times.

  5. I also have very fond memories of Mr. McCabe’s sixth grade class at the Elliot School. That had to be my most favorite year even though the boys would pelt us with snowballs on the way home from school.

  6. Yes Natalie. I loved that school too. How many kids can say they had recess in a historic place called the “Prado”!

  7. I remember making macaroni with my aunt and drying it on my grandpa’s bed. She would let me sprinkle the flour over it which of course I loved to do!! Haha good times at 112 Salem St.

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