The Weekender: North Square Disappointment, Harbor Towers on Chiofaro Plan, 204 Hanover Street

It could be anything from local stories to development plans, or simply just North End / Waterfront news.  Regardless, we put together the most popular posts on, allowing you to catch up on the top stories from around the neighborhood. 

Top Posts This Week:

The proposed design of North Square by Beta Inc
The proposed design of North Square by Beta Inc

Letter: Responding to North Square Design Proposal

A letter was submitted by Sandro Carella, a North Square resident who previously worked on a design bid to develop roadway and design improvements for North Square in the North End. Citing a lack of accessibility and several other drawbacks in the plan, including a confusion with the design team on the difference between “thoughtful design and what are perfunctory infrastructural band-aids,” read more of the opposition letter.

Video: F-15 Fighter Jets Flyover Boston Harbor

A promotional media event featured five F-15 fighter jets from the Massachusetts Air National Guard in a flyover this past Thursday morning. Flying only 1,000 feet above ground, the jets flew from their base in Westfield along Eastern Massachusetts to Cape Cod. As you may imagine, the jets did not take long to pass over the city, so if you missed it take a look at this video clip.  View Post

Jimmy Fallon with the Mendozas
Jimmy Fallon with the Mendozas

Notable News: Jimmy Fallon at Monica’s, Prince Spaghetti, Charlie in the North End

This post summarizes all of the top news stories from all different types of media outlets from this past week. Read posts about Jimmy Fallon’s visit to the North End, Volle Nolle closing, the best Italian restaurants in American, and some history on Prince Spaghetti. View Post

Harbor Towers Residents Overwhelmingly Oppose Chiofaro Plan

Residents and owners of the Harbor Towers condominiums released a letter expressing their opposition to the proposal made by the Chiofaro company to build two towers at the current location of the Harbor Garage. A petition was signed by 550 residents of the Harbor Towers, representing 71 percent of the residents. View Post to read the opposition letter.

Neighborhood Council Supports Restaurant at 204 Hanover Street

North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted 5-3 to support a restaurant at 204 Hanover Street, overturning a previous vote on this zoning request. The location is next to Romano florist in the space that was formerly occupied by High Gear Jewelry. The new application consists of an occupancy change from retail to restaurant on the first floor, including an outside patio that is recessed within the owner’s property line. View Video

Editor’s Pick:

Defilippo Dog Park PIlot Plan Layout
Defilippo Dog Park PIlot Plan Layout

Dog Park Pilot at the Gassy Flights Supported by Neighborhood Council

RUFF, a local dog owners group has a plan for a pilot dog park in the flights of DeFilippo playground. The flights are usually littered with trash and are a popular place for drinking and drug use. A design was presented utilizing 2 levels of the flights. The larger, lower flight will be used for big dogs and the upper level for smaller dogs. View Post