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Haymarket Hotel Updates Building Plan at Parcel 9 [Video]

The designated Haymarket Hotel development team, including Eamon O’Mara, Normandy Properties and Harbinger Development presented their latest plans at this week’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC).

Located at Parcel 9 along Blackstone Street and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, the proposal includes a 10 story, 225 room hotel with 25,000 square feet of retail space. The highest part of the project (100 feet) is on the Faneuil Hall side with the building stepping down to a 2 story pavilion (27 feet) closer to the North End.

Haymarket Hotel has been described as the “third leg” of the emerging “Market District” centered around the longstanding Haymarket Pushcarts and soon to open Boston Public Market. Historic Blackstone Street will be renovated as part of the project. At Haymarket, the pushcart vendors will have more defined area stalls, along with dedicated water and utilities. Trash facilities, public restrooms and a community room are also included. Consistent with “rising tide” expectations, all building transformers and equipment have been moved from the basement to the second floor in the design. No flag has been selected for the hotel, but developers anticipate a mid-priced offering.

Resident Victor Brogna questioned the addition of a second story to the market hall that could impede views from the North End to historic Blackstone Street. NEWNC member Maria Lanza also asked about views looking toward the Custom House tower from the North End. O’Mara said that while official zoning is 55 feet, MassDOT’s community process encouraged a mixed height structure with the larger section on the south side of the triangular parcel. Proponents are meeting with Boston Transportation Department to discuss drop-off, valet and traffic flow around the property.

NEWNC voted 7-1 to support the proposed Haymarket Hotel development on Parcel 9. Please view the video for more project details.