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Cartoon Throwback: Boston Parking Problems [Part 1]

With traffic, street closings, narrow one-way streets, sporadic construction, and street cleaning, parking is an ongoing issue in the North End neighborhood. What many may not know is that this issue with parking is not a new development. In fact, this has been a problem in the city of Boston for almost one hundred years. In 1926, Our Boston Magazine hosted a cartoon competition to portray the problems or adventures of parking an automobile in the city of Boston, featuring a $10.00 reward! The winners were to be decided by the opinion of an appointed committee, with the cartoons having to be drawn in black ink on white paper or cardboard. Part 1: Featured in the September 1926 issue, this was one of the finalists in the cartoons competition, earning an Honorable Mention.

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A special thanks to Anne M. Pistorio for her dedicated research at the Boston Public Library.

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