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The Haymarket Project: Part One – Winter

Historic New England is producing a four part series called The Haymarket Project, of which Part One is currently available. The project features historic photos and vendor interviews. From the producers:

Ask anyone who lives in or has visited Boston, and they inevitably have a story about a trip to Haymarket – an interaction with a vendor, a great deal on produce, or the value of having one dollar bills on hand. Historic New England is exploring this iconic Boston market by documenting the stories from the vendor’s point of view. The Haymarket Project is a four-season exploration of a year in the life of Boston’s centuries-old open-air market, featuring interviews with vendors and new photography. Historic New England is partnering with the Haymarket Pushcart Association on the project, which is part of Historic New England’s Everyone’s History initiative to preserve and share stories of life in New England.

Part One – Winter features Al Sciola of Haymarket Pizza; Scott Lampert, president of Puritan Beef Company, Inc.; and Salim Marhamo of International Food Company. Upcoming interviews include Otto Gallotto, president of the Haymarket Pushcart Association; and Roy Founder of Harry’s Cheese.

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One Reply to “The Haymarket Project: Part One – Winter

  1. Great effort to document and capture historical Haymarket. With new development plans for the area, I am not sure how long more we will have the Haymarket as we all custom to and loved for years. I did a photo documentary of the market last year, through the project , I got to know many of the vendors and respect what they do week after week. I also did a time lapse video of the market. Three days shorten into 7 minutes. You can watch the view and selection of the photos on my site:

    Looking forward to Part Two of the series,

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