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“Mather Redux” Brings Perspective on the North End’s Cotton Mather [Photos]

The symposium MATHER REDUX: New perspectives on Cotton Mather culminated on Mather’s home turf this weekend in Boston’s North End. Alex Goldfeld, Board President and Historian of the North End Historical Society expertly led a tour exploring places related to the much-misunderstood cleric, physician and philosopher.

Sites included the corner of Richmond and North Streets where the Red Lion Tavern once stood at the water’s edge on wharf of the same name. Tracing Mather’s life, the tour stopped at North Square where Mather’s North Church and the boyhood home of Cotton Mather once stood.  Winding through the Prado, past Old North Church, it culminated at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground with readings from the prolific Mather, as well as, anecdotes of his life and songs of the period.

Devotees, members of the Mather Project and Boston’s Congregational Library and Archives laid a wreath at the Mather family tomb to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Cotton’s birth.

MATHER REDUX was sponsored by the Congregational Library and Archives at 14 Beacon Street. The Library welcomes the public and hosts events throughout the year.

Article and photos by Cary Hewitt, Congregational Library. (Click any image for a full-screen slideshow.)