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Blessing of the Animals Set For October 5th


As stories go, St. Francis of Assisi could communicate with animals. There are legends of Francis preaching to doves and crows. Stories of his rescuing a wild rabbit caught in a trap, ending with the rabbit following him for days and constantly hopping on his lap in appreciation. Perhaps the most famous story speaks of Francis taming a wolf that terrorized a village in Italy.

While we can’t guarantee that St. Francis will make an appearance on Sunday, Oct. 5th, like Francis, we can expect many folks that do attend “the Blessing,” have already given that same commitment of compassion to their domestic pets.

Welcome to all “amateur” animal whisperers, Ruff and non Ruff members.

Events begin at 3:00 p.m. on the Unity St. side of the Prado.

Staff at Old North Church along with Ruff, have strongly recommended that all dogs be leashed and smaller animals be secured in carriers/crates.